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1. Central Casting


2. Grant Wilfley Casting


3. Background inc. Casting


4. Comer Casting


5. Delisi Creative Casting


6. Sylvia Fay Casting


7. Amerifilm Casting


8. Kee Casting


9. Billy Dowd Casting


10.Susan Shopmaker Casting



Central Casting Blacklist Actors!

CENTRAL CASTING hiring their "favorites" nonstop!!! No one able to stop them doing this injustice business practices...!!!

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Central Casting Favorite Actors!

CENTRAL CASTING! Please stop having favorite actors! We all know you do. It's not right! Why, your favorite actors have Yale acting degree?! They have natural acting...

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Actors Report


Actors Report is the first and only review website of casting agencies by actors.

Actors Report is all about actors, models, castings, acting tips, acting advice, scams, complaints, casting, modeling and talent agencies reviews.

Actors Report is a leading online community for actors, actors voices!

  • Are you still unemployed actor? Are you working actor?
  • Are you curious about why they don't cast you?

                *What they never tell you about acting!

                *What they don't want you to know about acting!

            *I think you will be shocked by what you are about to read!


  • Actors! Did you know, casting directors, have "favorites" which, they give them work over and over!?
  • Their favorite union (Sag-Aftra) actors have always early calls means they get overtime (a big union check), better roles, speaking roles and their nonunion favorites get their waivers as earliest possible!
  • Did you know, casting directors "blacklist" actors for no reason at all!?

                 *Has this ever happened to you?

                 *Do you want the same chance as other actors!?

                 *Do you feel intimidated!?

                 *Do you want to have your voice heard!?

                 *Do you want justice!?


Actors! You could report any complaint, injustice business practices, posting your reviews about  casting and talent agencies here.

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             *Nobody cares about your dreams and what you are going through!

             *Don't let people play with your dreams from their offices!

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             *This is your life and you have to take control of it!


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Actors! Let your voice be heard by everyone, File a Actors Report here, now!

Acting Facts

  • All the casting directors tell you not to take rejections personally. Why should you not take rejections personally!?
  • Acting is not about how great you look at all and how talented you are at all!
  • Acting is all about if they want to give you a "chance" or not! And that chance always has some reasons!
  • Acting is about so many things that are not acting!

  • Acting Fact: Forget everything you have heard about acting!


Background inc. NY

BACKGROUND INC. NY does a lot of Sag-aftra Commercials. Getting work from them it's like winning a lottery!...

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Delisi Creative Casting

I know a small casting agency DELISI CREATIVE CASTING, I have worked for them a couple of times, terrible experience for minimum wage! they are so selfish...

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Actors Report

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